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    If you’re a woman in the military, I bet I know a thing or two about you: 


    • You’re overwhelmed by a VERY full plate and living up to your own impossibly high standards. You’re juggling your career, relationship, and family– and it’s your nature to try to be perfect in every role. 


    • You feel drained of energy from long, jam-packed days of nonstop work and caring for your family. You can’t remember the last time you had a relaxed afternoon to yourself.


    • You’re questioning your life’s direction. You’ve climbed the career ladder and you’re on track towards senior rank, but spend your days wondering whether you even want it. Is it worth the stress?


    • You feel you’ve lost yourself…You used to have more passion, motivation, and genuine excitement for life. But after years of putting everyone else’s needs ahead of yours, you’ve forgotten who you are.


    • You feel like the color has been drained from your life. You used to be more joyful. Now life feels like a daily race down your endless to-do list.

    • You feel isolated from constant PCSs and starting over every few years. You often wonder “should I even bother trying to make friends with the little time I have?”

    I'm Christina Mattison


    and I’m an Air Force Officer, yoga teacher, devoted wife, and mother of two. As a wellness and leadership coach for women in the military, I’m here to tell you: it doesn’t have to be this way. 

    I’ve stood in your combat boots, and I know how chaotic military life can feel. I want you to know: 

    You have within you the power to radically change your own life. I’ve done it myself and I’ve helped hundreds of my clients do it.

    You have within you the strength to architect a life of joy, peace, and deep fulfillment.




    I've moved from someone who was anxious, lonely, and tired to being someone who is confident, courageous, and who understands their worth.


    My airman told me, ‘Ma’am’, you’re happier. People are noticing.




    • You wake up feeling energized and excited spending the day doing what you love 

    • You finally have quiet time to yourself, built into each day as a sacred ritual you never miss, even on your busiest days.

    • You’re living on purpose, carving out a career path that’s a living reflection of your values.

    • You’re back in love with life, rekindling the passions that once made you who you were.

    • You move through your day with an unwavering sense of inner calm, groundedness, and peace.

    • You’re surrounded with love from a community of military sisters who care about you. You finally have meaningful friendships that withstand geography, with women who “get you”.

    • Your self leadership radiates and inspires everyone around you to rise– your family, your partner, and your coworkers.

    Ready to turn your dreams into your real life?


    You might be laughing, thinking “yeah right, maybe when I’m retired and my kids have left the house…” But the truth is, the journey starts NOW. Right this moment with the job and the family you have.

    I’ve helped thousands of women claim their self leadership and shift into radical joy and purpose, even when it seemed impossible.

    And you’re just a click away from joining us.

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    Creating a joyful life starts with committing to your own self-care.

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